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Banneker, Benjamin

Born: 1731 AD
Died: 1806 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Astronomers, Inventor, Publishers

African American mathematician, astronomer, clockmaker, and publisher.

1731 – Benjamin Banneker was born on the 9th of November.

1752 – He saw a pocket watch that was owned by a traveling salesman named Josef Levi. He was so fascinated by it that Levi gave it to him.

       – Banneker then carved large-scale wooden replicas of each piece, calculating the gear assemblies himself, and used the parts to make a striking clock.

1761 – Constructed mechanical clock(probably 1st mechanical clock made in America)

         – This event changed his life, and he became a watch and clock maker.

1789 – Banneker began his study of astronomy.

1791 – Appointed by President George Washington to a three man team of surveyors.

         – Created and published his acclaimed Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Almanac and Ephemeris.

1806 – He complained of being ill and went home to rest on his couch and died on 9th of October.