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Banda Bahadur

Born: 1670 AD
Died: 1716 AD
Nationality: Mongolian
Categories: Martyr

1670 – Born on the 16th of October at Rajouri in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir. 1708 – Guru Gobind Singh, who had come to the Deccan along with the Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah, happened to go to Madho Das’ hut while hunting. Madho Das was away. 1709 – At Sonepat, fifty kilometres north of Delhi, early in November, he commanded about five hundred followers.        – He attacked the government treasury, plundered it and distributed it among his retinue. 1710 – Established his headquarters, in the beginning of February, at Mukhlisgarh situated in the lower Siwalik Hills south of Nahan, about twenty kilometres from Sadhaura. 1713 – Farrukhsiyar, who came to the throne of Delhi, ordered against them the sternest campaign ever launched. 1715 – Abdus Samad Khan, one of the Mughal commanders, shouted across the separating moat, that he would not allow any killing by his men, if he opened the gate to the fortress. 1716 – Died on the 9th of June.