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Bajer, Fredrik

Born: 1837 AD
Died: 1922 AD
Nationality: Danish
Categories: Authors, Pacifist

1837 – Born on the 21st of April in Vester Egede, near Naestved, Denmark.

1848 – Bajer entered the Sorø Academy.

1856 – Joined the army as a lieutenant in the Dragoons, stationed first in Naestved and then in Holstein.

1860 – He take advanced courses in another military school.

1864 – Commanded troops in northern Jutland, winning attention by his ability and conduct and earning promotion to the rank of first lieutenant.

1870 – Started the Nordisk Fristats Samfund [Society of Nordic Free States], dedicated to the promotion of Nordic unity and cooperation.

1871 – Bajer was one of Denmark’s leading spokesmen for women’s rights.

1882 – He founded the first Danish peace society.

1883-1889 – His proposal was adopted in principle by several international organizations.

1884 – Participated in the European Peace Congress at Bern.

1889 – Attended the first meeting of the Interparliamentary Union held in Paris.

1890 – Proposed the creation of a permanent bureau.

1891 – The proposal was approved at the congress in Rome, and Bajer was named the first president of its governing board.

1907 – Bajer’s health deteriorated. He resigned from active office on the board of the Peace Bureau.

1908 – Nobel Prize in Peace.

1916 – He still kept informed on world events and, even while observing World War I.

1922 – He died on 22nd of January in Copenhagen.