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Baird, John Logie

Born: 1888 AD
Died: 1946 AD
Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Engineers, Inventor

1888 – Born on the 13th of August in Helensburgh, Scotland.

1906 – Studied Electrical Engineering at Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College.

1911 – Experimented with remote-controlled photography.

1925 – He was able to transmit the 30-line image of a ventriloquist’s dummy named Stooky Bill across the room.

1926 – Baird demonstrated the system in public.

1928 – Succeeded in sending images across the Atlantic.

1929 – Baird broadcast tests on the 2LO transmitter from his studio facility at Savoy Hill. Baird also sold ‘Televisor’ sets to receive the broadcasts.

1931 – Baird had married Margaret Albu.

1932 – The BBC use Biard’s system to broadcast from television.

1933 – Baird Television Limited moved from Long Acre to the Crystal Palace, Baird demonstrated 120-line, 25 frames-per-second telecine equipment at the British Association’s annual meeting.

1937 – Demonstrated sequential-frame colour television.

1938 – Baird demonstrated it to Dominion Theatre in London’s Tottenham Court Road, where images from Crystal Palace were shown on a 12ft x 9ft screen.

1941 – He refined the mechanical system to transmit colour stereoscopic TV images using revolving shutters and Red/Green/Blue sectored discs.

1946 – John Logie Baird died at the age of 57, on 14th of June.