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Bailey, Joseph Weldon

Born: 1862 AD
Died: 1929 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Lawyers, Politician

US lawyer and Democratic politician.

1863 – Born on the 6th of October in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. 

1885 – Moved to Gainesville, Texas, and began practicing law.

Bailey married Ellen Murray of Oxford, Mississippi. They had two sons.

1887 – Chosen leader of the Democratic minority. During his terms in the House, he privileged free silver and opposed expansionism. He also acquired a status as a parliamentary tactician and an orator.

1897-1899 – He become House minority leader.

1891-1901- Served as Representative from Texas.

1901-1913 – Bailey became a United States senator.

1906 – Cosmopolitan magazine charged that Bailey was one of the senators who controlled the Senate to protect private interests at the expense of the public.

1920 – Bailey returned to Texas and ran for Governor after his defeat, he established a law office in Dallas.

1929 – He died on 13th of April.