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Bagot, Charles, Sir

Born: 1781 AD
Died: 1843 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Diplomat, Governor General

1781 – Born on the 23rd of September in Blithfield Hall, England.

He was the descended from aristocratic English families. 

1801 – Admitted to Lincoln’s Inn but, disliking law, he abandoned his studies within a year. He took his MA at Oxford.

1806 – He married Mary Charlotte Anne Wellesley-Pole.

1807 – Bagot took a seat in parliament as the member for Castle Rising, a rotten borough controlled by his uncle Richard Howard.

         – Became under-secretary for foreign affairs also this year.

1814 – Proclaimed as minister plenipotentiary to France.

1815 – Appointed minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary to the United States.

1820-1824 – He work as Ambassador to Russia he took part in the negotiations leading to the Anglo-Russian treaty.

1824 – Ambassador to The Hague, where King Willem I of the Netherlands was attempting unsuccessfully to unify Holland and Belgium in law, language, and religion.

1828 – Offered the governor generalship of India but he don’t accept the position.

1841-1843 – Appointed as Governor General of the Newly proclaimed province of Canada.

1843 – Resigned to his office, Sir Charles Bagot died on 19th of May at Alwington House in Kingston.