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Babington, Anthony

Born: 1561 AD
Died: 1586 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Felon

1561 – Anthony Babington was born 24th of October in Dethick, Derbyshire, England.

1580 – He came to London, attended the court of Elizabeth, and joined the secret society formed that year supporting the Jesuit missionaries.

1582 – After the execution of Father Campion he withdrew to Dethick, and attaining his majority occupied himself for a short time with the management of his estates. Later he went abroad and became associated at Paris with Mary’s supporters who were planning her release with the help of Spain, and on his return he was entrusted with letters for her.

1586 – Made the fatal step of writing to Mary telling her that he and a group of friends were planning to murder Elizabeth and replace her with Mary.

1586 – Babington and his thirteen co-conspirators were convicted of high treason and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

Elizabeth accepted that she had not given the go signal for Mary to be executed. As a outcome, Davidson, the man responsible for the execution, was pay £6,000 and imprisoned in the Tower of London.