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Babcock, Horace Welcome

Born: 1912 AD
Died: 2003 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Astronomers

Horace Welcome Babcock was an American astronomer.

1912 – Born 13th of September in California.

Educated at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California at Berkeley. For his doctorate he determined the rotation curve of the Andromeda Galaxy M31.

1946 – Joined the staff of the Mt. Wilson (soon to be Mt. Wilson and Palomar) Observatory. 

        – Invented and built many astronomical instruments, including a ruling engine, which produced excellent diffraction gratings, the solar magnetograph, and microphotometers, automatic guiders, and exposure meters for the 100 and 200-inch telescopes.

1953 – By combining his polarizing analyzer with the spectrograph he discovered magnetic fields in other stars.

He developed important models of sunspots and their magnetism. He was the first to propose adaptive optics.

1957 – Received Henry Draper Medal.

1964-1978 – Directed the Mt. Wilson and Palomar (later Hale) Observatories and led in founding the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.

1969 – Recipient of Bruce Medal award.

1970 – Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society.

1992 – George Ellery Hale Prize of the American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Division.

2003 – Horace Welcome Babcock died 29th of August.