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Babbitt, Bruce Edward

Born: 1938 AD
Currently alive, at 83 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Lawyers, Politician

1938 – Bruce Edward Babbitt was born in Los Angeles, California.

1960 – Babbitt graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

1962 – Attended the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England on a Marshall Scholarship.

1965 – Received his law degree at Harvard Law School.   1979 – Appointed by President Jimmy Carter to serve as a Commissioner on the President’s Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island, a six month investigation of the March, 1979 accident at a commercial nuclear power plant at Middletown, Pennsylvania.

1978-1987 – Served as a Governor of Arizona.

1985 – Founding member of the Democratic Leadership Council and the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

1988 – Babbitt sought the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.

         – Among his proposals was a national sales tax to remedy the then-record budget deficits piled up during the administration of Ronald Reagan.

1993 – Babbitt was considered by President Clinton to replace retiring United States Supreme Court Justice Byron White.

1994 – Clinton again considered Babbitt for the high court in when Harry Blackmun announced his retirement.

1997 – Babbitt was re-appointed in the Administration.