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Baader, Andreas

Born: 1943 AD
Died: 1977 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Terrorist

1943 – Andreas Bernd Baader was born 6th of May in munich, Bavaria.

Attended several secondary schools but finally ended his formal education without graduating.

1963 – Moved to Berlin.

1967 – His girlfriend, Gudrun Ensslin, an active member of the leading organization of the extraparliamentary movement, the German Socialist Student Organization (SDS), brought him to the Berlin student protest scene, and Baader began to participate in its political activities.

1968 – Together with Ensslin and two other persons, set two Frankfurt department stores on fire with fire bombs "to light a torch for Vietnam," as they put it.


         – Found guilty of arson and partly served his sentence and was released while his appeal was pending, but, together with Ensslin, fled the country when the appeal was rejected.

1970 – Returning to Berlin he was rearrested in April and freed with guns by Ulrike Meinhof and others on 14th of May.

1972 – Robbed banks and bombed buildings. On 1st of June and fellow RAF members Jan-Carl Raspe and Holger Meins were apprehended in a lengthy shootout in Frankfurt.


          – Convicted in what was the longest and most expensive trial in German history.

1977 – Baader died 18th of October shot himself with a pistol.