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Aylesworth, Alan Bristol, Sir

Born: 1854 AD
Died: 1952 AD
Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Lawyers

1854 – Born on the 27th of November in Ontario, Canada.

1878 – Educated at the University of Toronto, and called to the Ontario Bar.

1903 – As the Canadian member of the Alaska Boundary Tribunal, he presented his country’s views in a minority report.

1905 – Elected to the Dominion parliament, he served in the cabinet of Sir Wilfred Laurier as postmaster-general.

       – He was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in a by-election.

1905-1906 – Served as Minister of Labour.

               – He served Cabinet of Canada under Sir Wilfrid Laurier as the Minister of Labour and Postmaster General of Canada.

1906-1911 – Minister of Justice.

1908 – As the Member of Parliament for the riding of York North in the province of Ontario.

1910-1911 – He acted as British representative at the North Atlantic Fisheries Arbitration in The Hague, and was knighted for his services.

1923 – He was appointed to the Canadian Senate upon the recommendation of William Lyon Mackenzie King. He represented the senatorial division of North York, Ontario until his death.

1952 – Died on the 13th of February in Canada.