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Avery, Oswald Theodore

Born: 1877 AD
Died: 1955 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Bacteriologist, Biochemist

1877 – Born on October 21st in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canadian-born American bacteriologist whose research helped ascertain that DNA is the substance responsible for heredity, thus laying the foundation for the new science of molecular genetics.

1887 – He went to New York City when his clergyman father began missionary work in the Bowery.

1893 – Avery attended the Colgate Academy and later the Colgate University.

         – He became the leader of the college band and acquired the nickname "Babe" because of his small stature.

1904 – He practiced medicine there, became a bacteriologist at Hoagland Laboratory, Brooklyn.

1907 – Avery accepted an associate directorship at Hoagland Laboratory in Brooklyn — the first privately endowed bacterial research laboratory in the United States.

1913 – Avery published a clinical study of the tuberculosis bacterium.

         – Joined the Rockefeller Institute.

1917 – His career-long studies of the pneumococcus bacterium included the immunological classification of this organism.

1944 – His subsequent pneumococcal research, summarized, indicated that the agent that transforms non-virulent strains to virulent was DNA, thus demonstrating that DNA is the chemical basis of heredity.

1948 – Avery did his Pneumococcus work at the Rockefeller and stayed there until his retirement.

1955 – He was diagnosed with liver cancer and died on February 20th in Nashville, Tennessee.