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Aurelius Augustinus

Born: 3541 AD
Died: 4300 AD
Nationality: Roman
Categories: Bishops, Saint

354 AD – He was born on the 13th day of November this year in Tagaste, Algeria.


365 AD – He was sent to school at Madaurus, a small Numidian city about 19 miles south of Tagaste.


383 AD – He moved to Rome, where he believed the best and brightest rhetoricians practiced.


384 AD – He had won the most visible academic chair in the Latin world, at a time when such posts gave ready access to political careers.


386 AD – He underwent a profound personal crisis and decided to convert to Christianity, abandon his career in rhetoric, quit his teaching position in Milan, give up any ideas of marriage, and devote himself entirely to serving God and the practices of priesthood, which included celibacy.


388 AD – He returned to Africa. On his way back to Africa his mother died, as did his son soon after, leaving him alone in the world without family.


391 – He was ordained a priest in Hippo Regius, (now Annaba, in Algeria). He became a famous preacher (more than 350 preserved sermons are believed to be authentic), and was noted for combating the Manichaean heresy, to which he had formerly adhered.


396 AD – He was made coadjutor bishop of Hippo (assistant with the right of succession on the death of the current bishop).


430 AD – He died on the 28th of August this year, at the age of 75, during the siege of Hippo by the Vandals.


1303 AD – He was canonized by popular acclaim. Later, Pope Boniface VIII as a Doctor of the Church recognized him.