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Aurandt, Paul Harvey

Born: 1918 AD
Currently alive, at 103 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Radio Host

1918 – Born on September 4th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1933 – Paul Harvey first went on the radio when he was still attending high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hard work, a smooth baritone voice, and his mastery of the dramatic pause earned Harvey quick advancement at a series of radio gigs across Kansas and Missouri.

1940 – At KXOK-AM in St. Louis, he met Lynne ‘Angel’ Cooper, the station’s "women’s news" reporter. He proposed over dinner on their first date, and she became his wife, producer, and editor.

1943-1944 – He was in the military service: US Army Air Corps in Section 8 but was discharge due to mental illness.

1951 – Harvey was a newscaster at Chicago’s WENR-AM, where he began his daily Paul Harvey News and Comment for ABC Radio.

1976 – Harvey started a second daily radio show, The Rest of the Story, telling little-known true anecdotes about famous folks or historic incidents, always with a little twist at the end. The Rest of the Story is written by Harvey’s son and announcer, Paul Jr., who goes by the family’s off-the-air name, Aurandt.

1998 – He was seen in the film "Everything That Rises".

2005 – He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on November 9th.