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Auber, Daniel Francois Esprit

Born: 1782 AD
Died: 1871 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Composers

1782 – Born in Caen in Normandy on the 29th of January.

1804 – Sent at the age of 20 to London to complete his business training, he was obliged to leave England as a result of the breach of the Treaty of Amiens.

1813 – The unfavourable reception of his one-act debut opera Le séjour militaire put an end for some years to his attempts as composer.

1819 – He produced another opera, Le testament et les billets-doux, which was no better received than the former.

1822 – Began his long association with Eugène Scribe as librettist.

1823 – The opera of Leicester, in which they first worked together, is remarkable also as showing evidences of the influence of Rossini.

1825 – His own style was an individual one, marked by lightness, sparkling vivacity, grace and elegance, clear and piquant of melody— characteristically French. Le maçon was his first major triumph,staying in the repertory until the 20th century,with 525 performances at the Opéra Comique alone.

         – Auber was also a member of the Legion of Honour.

1828 – Auber achieved another great musical triumph in La muette de Portici, once familiarly known as Masaniello after its hero. Produced at Paris in 1828

1829 – He was elected a member of the Institute.

1830 – Fra Diavolo,which was premiered on the 28th of January, was destined to be his most successful opera, and never completely left the international repertory.

1833 – On the 27th of February,Gustave III, his second grand opera also triumphed, and stayed in the repertory for years.

1842 – At the wish of Louis Philippe, he succeeded Cherubini as director of the Conservatoire.

1860 – He did have one major success in the Le Premier jour de bonheur.

1970 – He remained in his old home during the German siege of Paris.

1871 – Died in Paris on the 13th of May.