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Athanasius of Alexandria

Born: 2930 AD
Died: 3730 AD
Nationality: Greek
Categories: Bishops, Martyr, Religious Icon, Religious Leaders, Saint

293 – Athanasius, born in Alexandria, Egypt. He was a Christian bishop, the Bishop of Alexandria, in the fourth century. He is revered as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglican Communion and the Oriental Orthodox Church, and regarded as a great leader of the Church by Protestants.

318 – 372 – His works are numerous, but consist chiefly of invectives against his enemies, and controversial treatises against Arianism. The more important of his writings are his "Apologies," "Two Books on the Incarnation," "Conference with the Arians," "The Life of St. Anthony," "The Abridgment of the Holy Scriptures," "Letters to Those That Lead a Monastic Life," and "Letters to Serapion."

326 – He entered the church at an early age, and was chosen Bishop of Alexandria. He is esteemed one of the most eminent among the ancient fathers of the church.

373 – He finally closed his days in tranquility, in the 48th year of his prelacy.

     – On the 2nd of May, having consecrated Peter II, one of his presbyters, as his successor, he died quietly in his own house.

1568 – He was canonized and named Doctor of the Church.