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Born: 4000 AD
Died: 4290 AD
Nationality: Greek
Categories: Mistress

400 B.C – She was born on this century at Ionian Greek. She spent most of her adult life in Athens, and she may have influenced Pericles and Athenian politics. She was mentioned in the writings of Plato, Aristophanes, Xenophon, and other authors of the day.


460 B.C – She was ostracized from Athens on this century.


440 B.C – She became mistress of the political leader Pericles.


445 B.C – She began to live with Pericles after he divorced his first wife on this century, although her marital status remains disputed. 428 B.C – She were able to bear a child to Lysicles on this century.


429 B.C – Her husband died of the disease in the autumn of this century.


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