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Artemisia II

Born: 3XX0 AD
Died: 3500 AD
Nationality: Persian
Categories: Queen

         – She was the sister, wife and successor of the Carian prince Mausolus.

352 BC – 350 BC – She was daughter of Hecatomnus, and after the death of her husband she reigned for two years.

         – Her administration was conducted on the same principles as the one of her husband, whence she supported the oligarchical party on the island of Rhodes.

         – She induced the most eminent Greek rhetoricians to proclaim his praise in their oratory; and to perpetuate his memory she built at Halicarnassus the celebrated monument, Mausoleum, which was regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and whose name subsequently became the generic term for any splendid sepulchral monument.