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Arquette, Clifford

Born: 1905 AD
Died: 1974 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians

1905 – Born on December 28th in Toledo, Ohio. Comedian, actor, pianist, composer and songwriter.

         – Famous for his role as "Charley Weaver".

1923 – He was a night club pianist, later joining the Henry Halstead orchestra.

1956 – Arquette performed in radio, theatre, and motion pictures until he retired from show business.
1959 – He joined ASCAP, and his chief musical collaborator was Charles "Bud" Dant.

         – Opened a Civil War museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

         – His retirement was interrupted when he agreed to be regular on Jack Paar’s The Tonight Show.

         – His famous "Letters from Mamma" were compiled and published as books.

1974 – Died of heart attack on September 23rd in Burbank, California.