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Arlen, Harold

Born: 1905 AD
Died: 1986 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Composers, Songwriter

1905 – He was born in Buffalo, New York, USA this year.


1920 – He formed his first professional band, Hyman Arluck’s Snappy Trio.


1921 – He left home against his parent’s wishes.


1923 – With his new band – The Southbound Shufflers, performed on the Crystal Beach lake boat "Canadiana" during the summer of this year.


1924 – He wrote his first song, collaborating with friend Hyman Cheiffetz to write "My Gal, My Pal". Copyrighting the song as "My Gal, Won’t You Please Come Back to Me?" and listed lyrics by Cheiffetz and music by Harold Arluck.


1925 – Makes his way to New York City with the group “The Buffalodians”, with Arlen playing piano.


1929 – He composed his first well-known song: "Get Happy" (with lyrics by Ted Koehler).


1930 – Arlen and Koehler wrote shows for the Cotton Club, a popular Harlem night club, as well as Broadway musicals and Hollywood films.


1935 – He went back to California after being signed by Samuel Goldwyn to write songs for the film "Strike Me Pink"


1937 – He married 22-year-old Anya Taranda, a celebrated Powers Agency model and former Earl Carroll and Busby Berkeley showgirl, actress, and one of the Original "Breck Girls."


1938 – His song "Over the Rainbow” was voted the twentieth century’s No. 1 song by the Recording Industry Association of America.


1941 – He wrote, "Blues in the Night"


1943 – He Wrote "My Shining Hour"


1957 – He teamed up with Dorothy Fields on the film "The Farmer Takes a Wife"


1954 – He becomes dangerously ill with a bleeding ulcer and was hospitalized but recovers to work with Truman Capote on the musical House of Flowers.


1961 – He wrote over 50 songs and continued a successful career until 1976.


1970 – His wife Anya Taranda dies from a brain tumor.


1986 – Harold Arlen dies in New York City.