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Applegate, Jesse

Born: 1811 AD
Died: 1888 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Farmer, Writers

1811 – Applegate was born in Kentucky.

1823 – He attended the Rock Creek Seminary in Illinois.

1830 – Worked as a school teacher and a clerk before serving as deputy surveyor to the Missouri surveyor general.

1832 – Married Cynthia Ann Parker.

1843 – Jesse was joined by his brothers on the Oregon Trail in what was known as the "Great Migration".

1844 – Upon his arrival in Oregon, he started a farm, built a mill and worked as a surveyor. He played a great role in opening the South Road to Oregon which was named Applegate Trail.

1845 – He helped the government in developing the Oregon Territory as part of the United States and worked to elect Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States.

1849 – He settled in a land which he claimed in the Umpqua Valley which he called Yoncalla after the local Indian tribe.

1850-1881 – He maintained a library with many collection of books. He died in Yoncalla and gained the title "Sage of Yoncalla" for his big influence over public issues.