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Anthony the Great

Born: 2510 AD
Died: 3560 AD
Nationality: Egyptian
Categories: Monks, Saint

251 – Saint Anthony was born in Egypt of very pious parents.

286 – He departed for the desert where he found a derelict fortress in which he barricaded himself at the age of 35. Completely isolated, but for a good Christian who bought him food every six months or so, he pursued with greater severity his ascetic way of life, constantly battling Satan’s temptations.

305 – He established the first monastery. It is for this reason that Saint Anthony is generally known as the Father of Monasticism. From this one brotherhood many more sprouted throughout the known world.

325 – Anthony and his monks helped defeat the Arian heretics at the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea.

356 – Saint Anthony died at the age of 105. He instructed two of his monks to bury him secretly. This they did, and his resting place is still unknown.