Born: 1033 AD
Died: 1109 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Saint

1033 – He was born this year in Aosta, Burgundy. At the age of fifteen, he desired to enter a monastery, but he could not obtain his father’s consent. Disappointment brought on an apparent psychosomatic illness, and after he recovered, he seems to have given up his studies for a time and lived a more carefree life.


1059 – He left home, crossed the Alps, and wandered through Burgundy and France. Attracted by the fame of his fellow citizen Lanfranc, then prior of the Benedictine Abbey of Bec, Anselm entered Normandy. The following year, after spending some time at Avranches, he entered the abbey as a novice at the age of twenty-seven.


1063 – When Lanfranc was made the abbot of Caen, Anselm was elected prior of Bec. This office he held for fifteen years.


1078 – On the death of the warrior monk Herluin, founder, and first abbot of Bec, he was elected abbot. Under his jurisdiction, Bec became the first seat of learning in Europe, although Anselm appears to have been less interested in attracting external students to it.


1092 – At the invitation of Hugh, Earl of Chester, Anselm crossed to England. He was detained by business for nearly four months. In addition, when he is about to return, was refused permission by the king.


1093 – After obtaining dispensation from his duties in Normandy, he was consecrated in this year. He became church official and held his office of Archbishop of Canterbury from this year until the time of his death.


1097 – He obtained the king’s permission to leave, and in October of this year, he set out for Rome. William immediately seized the revenues of the see, retaining them until his death.


1103 – He and an envoy from the king set out for Rome. The pope, Paschal II, reaffirmed strongly the rule of investiture, and passed sentence of excommunication against all who had infringed the law, excepting King Henry.


1109 – He was allowed to return to England and for the remaining two years of his life was spent in the duties of his archbishopric.He passed away on the 21st day of April this year in Canterbury, England.


1494 – He was canonized by Alexander VI this year.