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Annie B. Etheridge

Born: 1844 AD
Died: 1913 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Nurses

1844 – Annie was born on the 3rd of May.


1854 – Annies 10th birthday on the 3rd of May.

– Annie moved to Wisconsin.


1885-1861 – Her father died of serious sickness.


– Annie came back to her home country which is Michigan. She heard about the war in April.


– Annie mets Edwin Powers and she wants to be a nurse, later in April.


– Annie enlisted to be a nurse in the army on April


– Annie is now 16 and she joins the army on the 3rd of May.


– Annie meets the other enlisted people and frank Thompson.


– On the 16th of July Annie went to Center ville and nursed her first wounded person.


– Annie went to the first bull run on the 21st of July.


1862 – Annie went to a hospital in Alexendria for training. She went back to the army after a while because the soliders want her there.


– Annie took a boat on the 6th of May to take wounded men to a better hospital. Edwin powers died.


1913 – She died on the 23rd of January.