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Anne Stuart

Born: 1665 AD
Died: 1714 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Queen

1665 – Born on the 6th of February. Anne, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, second daughter of James, duke of York, afterwards James II, and of Anne Hyde, daughter of the 1st earl of Clarendon.

1678 – She accompanied Mary of Modena to Holland.

1679 – Joined her parents abroad and afterwards in Scotland.

1683 – She married Prince George of Denmark, the second son of Frederick III, king of Denmark, on the 28th of July. Before marrying Anne, he had been a candidate for the throne of Poland, he was created Earl of Kendal and Duke of Cumberland.

1684-1688 – She had miscarried four times and given birth to two children who died infants.

1689 – On the 24th of July, the birth of a son, William, created Duke of Gloucester, who survived his infancy, gave hopes that heirs to the throne under the Bill of Rights might be forthcoming.

1702 – Anne became, by King William’s death, queen of Great Britain, being crowned on the 23rd of April. Her reign was destined to be one of the most brilliant in the annals of England.

1704 – She announced to the Commons her intention of granting to the church the crown revenues, amounting to about £16,000 or £17,000 a year, from tenths and first-fruits (paid originally by the clergy to the pope, but appropriated by the crown in 1534), for the increase of poor livings; her gift, under the name of "Queen Anne’s Bounty", still remaining as a testimony of her piety.

         – Acquiesced in the resignation of Lord Nottingham, the leader of the high Tory party.

1708 – She was forced to dismiss Harley, who, with the aid of Mrs. Masham, had been intriguing against the government and projecting the creation of a third party.

1714 – Died on August 1st due to heart stroke on Kensington Palace, London. Her remains were burried on Westminster Abbey, London, England.