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Angelico, Fra

Born: 1395 AD
Died: 1455 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Painters

1395 – He was born this year in Guido di Pietro, at Rupecanina. He is known in Italy as IL Beato Angelico and in the English-speaking world as Fra Angelico, he was known to his contemporaries as Fra Giovanni da Fiesole (Brother John from Fiesole).


1408 – He was at the Dominican Convent of Cortona where he painted frescoes, now destroyed, in the Dominican Church and may have assist or becomes a follower of Gherardo Starnina until 1418.


1417 – The earliest recorded document concerning Fra Angelico dates from Oct. 17 of this year, when he joined a religious confraternity at the Carmine, still under the name of Guido di Pietro.


1418 – Between this year and 1436, he was at the convent of Fiesole where he also executed a number of frescoes for the church, and the Altarpiece, deteriorated but restored. A predella of the Altarpiece remains intact in the National Gallery, London which is a superb example of Fra Angelico’s ability.


1447 – He was in Orvieto with his pupil, Benozzo Gozzoli, executing works for the Cathedral. Among his other pupils were Gentile da Fabriano and Zanobi Strozzi.


1455 – He died on the 18th day of February this year.


1555 – He is already known as Fra Giovanni Angelico (Brother Giovanni the Angelic One).