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Andrei II

Born: 1222 AD
Died: 1264 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Duke

1222 – Andrey Yaroslavich was born.

1240 – Novgorodians expelled his brother, Alexander Nevsky, from the city and asked Yaroslav II to send them another commander.

1242 – Andrey joined his Suzdalian forces with Alexander’s and saw action in the celebrated Battle on the Ice.

1247 – When their father died, Andrey and Alexander went to Karakorum in Mongolia, where Andrey was appointed the next Grand Duke of Vladimir.

1256 – Andrey travelled to Sarai to ask pardon for his former infidelity.

1263 – Andrey died, aspired to add Vladimir to his possessions, but was thwarted in his designs by his younger brother Yaroslav of Tver.