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Anastasius Bibliothecarius

Born: 8100 AD
Died: 8780 AD
Nationality: Roman
Categories: Librarians

810 – Born in Italy. Anastasius Bibliothecarius  was a language scholar, Roman cardinal, and influential political counselor to 9th-century popes. 848 – Anastasius became cardinal priest of the Church of St. Marcellus, Rome, after gaining prominence as a Greek scholar. 850 – He was excommunicated by a Roman synod. 853 – Was anathematized and deposed by another synod.          – Deposed because of political activity, he stood for a short time as antipope to Benedict III. 855 – Anastasius was elected as antipope by the imperial party, but the rightfully elected pope, Benedict III, gained the supremacy, and acted kindly towards the usurper. 869 – He was sent by Emperor Louis II as envoy to Constantinople, with two men of high rank in the Frankish Empire, to negotiate a marriage between the oldest son of the Byzantine emperor and the daughter of the emperor in the West. 878 – He died and was replaced by Zacharias of Anagni as librarian of the Roman Church.