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Amos Klausner

Born: 1939 AD
Currently alive, at 82 years of age.
Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Authors

1939 – Born in Jerusalem on the 4th of May.

1934 – His maternal grandfather had owned a mill in Rivne, then Eastern Poland, now Western Ukraine, but moved with his family to Haifa.

1950 – He served in the kibbutz-oriented Nahal unit and was involved in border skirmishes with Syria.

1965 – His first collection of stories Where the Jackals Howl appeared.

1966 – His first novel Elsewhere, Perhaps was published.

1967 – He was with a tank unit in Sinai; during the Yom Kippur War.

1973 – He served in the Golan Heights.

1986 – He remained living and working on the kibbutz until he and his wife Nily moved to Arad on account of his son Daniel’s asthma; however, as his writing career flowered he was allowed to gradually decrease his time devoted to normal kibbutz work: the royalties from his writing produced sufficient income for the kibbutz to justify this.

1998 – Oz was awarded his country’s most prestigious prize: the Israel Prize for Literature, the fiftieth anniversary year of Israel’s independence.

2005 – He was awarded the Goethe Prize from the city of Frankfurt, Germany, a prestigious prize which was awarded in the past to the likes of Sigmund Freud and Thomas Mann for his life’s work.

2006 – In July, Oz supported the Israeli army in its war with Lebanon, writing in the Los Angeles Times "Many times in the past, the Israeli peace movement has criticized Israeli military operations.