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Amir, Yigal

Born: 1970 AD
Currently alive, at 51 years of age.
Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Assassin, Felon

1970 – Amir was born on the 23rd of May in the Israeli town of Herzliya.

       – Attended a Charedi Judaism elementary school and had his formal education at a institution for Torah study. He served as a soldier-student of Hesder in the Israel Defense Force.

1990 – He attended Bar-Ilan and was a law and computer science student. He was active in demonstrations against Yitzhak Rabin.

1995 – On the 4th of November after several attempts of assassinating Rabin, he shot Rabin twice after a demonstration held in Tel Aviv’s Kings of Israel Square. Rabin was to board his limousine when Amir shot him. After confirming that Rabin died after the shooting, Amir told police officials that he was satisfied of what he has committed.

       – He was sentenced to life imprisonment plus six additional years in prison for for injuring the bodyguard of Rabin, Yoram Rubin. He was held in isolation in the Be’er Sheva Prison.

2003 – He was moved to Ayalon Prison. He tried to appeal his case but was rejected.

2004 – In August he married Larisa Trembovler after several appeals to marry.

2005 – The marriage was validated by the Rabbinical court.

2006 – In February, an order was released by the Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to the Israeli Ministry of the Interior to register the marriage of Amir and Trembovler. On the 20th of October, he was allowed to be visited by his wife, in which he was given a 10 hour conjugal visit with his wife.

2007 – In the month of February, it was reported that his wife was pregnant.