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Alvarado, Pedro de

Born: 1485 AD
Died: 1541 AD

1485 – Pedro de Alvarado was bornin Badajoz, Spain.

1510 – He went to Hispaniola.

1511 – He joined the expedition to Cuba and received a grant of land.

1518 – He held a command in the Juan de Grijalva expedition sent from Cuba against Yucatan.

1519 – He accompanied Hernan Cortes as Chief Lieutenant and second in command in the expedition for the conquest of Mexico.

1520 – He led the rear-guard on the 1st of July when the Spaniards had temporarily to retire before the Mexican uprising.

1521 – He was sent by Cortes to sieze Guatemala.

1522 – He became the city’s first mayor.

1523 – He was engaged in the conquest of the highlands of Guatemala.

1524 – He led the first effort by Spanish forces to extend their dominion to the future El Salvador on June.

1534 – He heard tales of the riches of Peru and attempted to bring the province of Quito under his rule.

1535 – He sold his ships and munitions to Diego de Almagro.

1537 – He had the governorship of Honduras conferred upon him.

1539 – He arrived in Honduras.

1541 – He fought to suppress a major revolt by the Mixton natives of the Nueva Galicia region of Mexico. He died in Guadalajara, New Spain on the 4th of July.