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Alter, David

Born: 1807 AD
Died: 1881 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Chemists, Inventor, Physicians, Physicists

1807 – David Alter was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on the 3rd of December.

1836 – He invented the electric telegraph.

1837 – He settled in Freeport, Pennsylvania. He made a small electric motor.

1840 – He invented electric buggy, the forerunner of the automobile.

1841-1842 – He obtained medical schooling at the Cincinnati Medical School.

1845 – He invented and patented a method of manufacturing Bromine from salt wells that was highly useful in the iron industry and was put on display in the World’s fair.

1853 – He developed the technique of Spectral Analysis.

1855 – He invented an expansion of spectrum analysis to include the optical properties of gas.

1858 – He invented a patented method to extract oil from coal and shale.

1881 – He died on the 18th of September.