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Alp Arslan

Born: 1029 AD
Died: 1072 AD
Nationality: Persian
Categories: Sultan

1029 – Alp Arslan was born in the province of Khurasan.

1059 – Succeeded his father as Governor of Khorasan.

1064 – He became Sultan of Great Seljuk and became sole monarch of Persia.

1068 – Invaded the Byzantime Empire. At the Battle of Manzikert, the Byzantines were defeated and Emperor Romanus IV was taken prisoner. Alp Arslan treated Romanus IV with generosity and dismissed him.

1072 – With his army, Alp Arslan attacked the fortress governed by Yussuf el-Harezmi. He was able to capture the governor but Yussuf drew his dagger and rushed upon the sultan. Alp Arslan was about to shoot an arrow but his foot slipped and the dagger of Yussuf hit him in the breast. The wound caused the death of Alp Arslan on November 25, 1072.