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Almasy, Laszlo, Count

Born: 1895 AD
Died: 1951 AD
Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Aviators, Researchers

1895 – Count Laszlo Almasy was born in Borostyanko, Hungary on the 22th of August.

1921 – He worked as a representative of an Austrian car firm Steyr in Szombathely, Hungary and won many car races in their colors.

1926 – He developed an interest in the area of Egypt to Sudan along the Nile.

1929 – He demonstrated Steyr vehicles in desert conditions and led to his first expedition to the desert.

1932 – He left to find the legendary Zerzura, The Oasis of the Birds, with three Britons, Sir Robert Clayton, Commander Penderel and Patrick Clayton.

1934 – He published his adventures in the book "Az ismeretlen Szahara" in Budapest.

1939 – He returned to Hungary.

1941-1942 – He worked with the German troops of Erwin Rommel using his desert experience and led military missions.

1951 – He died of dysentery in Salzburg on the 22th of March.