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Allen, Stephen Valentine Patrick William Sr.

Born: 1921 AD
Died: 2000 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Comedians, Musicians, Writers

1921 – Allen was born in New York City on St. Stephen’s Day which falls on the 26th of December.

1942 – Attended Arizona State Teachers’ college in Tempe. He had his radio gig on station KOY in Phoenix, Arizona after he left the school.

1945 – Worked as an announcer for KFAC in Los Angeles.

1946 – Worked as an announcer for Mutual Broadcasting System.

1953 – Worked as a host at a local late-night New York talk-variety TV program.

1954 – Hosted the tv show The Tonight Show.

1955 – Played the role of Benny Goodman in the movie The Benny Goodman Story.

1956 – He had a sunday evening show while still hosting the The Tonight Show.

1963 – Wrote the music and lyrics for the musical play "Sophie".

1977-1981 – Creator and later became the host of the new television show Meeting Of Minds.

1982 – Wrote the music, lyrics and a book for the musical "Seymour Glick is Alive but Sick". Won $1000 bet with Frankie Laine by writing fifty songs per day for one week.

1993 – He was a supporter of world government and became part of the Board of Advisers of the World Federalist Association.

2000 – Died of cardiac arrest on the 30th of October.