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Allen, Ethan

Born: 1738 AD
Died: 1789 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Activists, Conquistador, Patriot, Politician, Writers

1738 – Born in Litchfield, Connecticut on January 21st. He was a hero of the American Revolution, leader of the Green Mountain Boys, and promoter of the independence and statehood of Vermont.

1953-1963 – He settled in Vermont after fighting in the French and Indian War.

1770 – He emerged as the military leader of Anti-New York dissidents fighting New York over the New Hampshire Grants.

1775 – He led a raid to capture Fort Ticonderoga together with Benedict Arnold. He commanded a small military force in the American rebels’ campaign in Quebec.

         – He went on the expedition and was captured by the British on September.

1778 – He was conducted to a sloop in the harbor at New York. He appeared before the Continental Congress on behalf of a claim by Vermont for recognition as an independent state.

1780-1783 – He negotiated with the government of Canada to establish Vermont as a British province.

1784 – He met Frances Montresor Brush Buchanan and married her within a few months.

         – Ethan Allen withdrew from politics.

1789 – He died of stroke in Burlington, Vermont on February 12th.