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Ali, Noble Drew

Born: 1886 AD
Died: 1929 AD

Nationality: Moorish American

1886 – Drew was born in North Carolina on January 8, 1886.

1902 – Joined a travelling circus at the age of sixteen. He became a stage magician.

1905 – He learned mysticism and had a lost version of the Qur’an.

1913 – Founded Moorish Science Temple of America in Newark, New Jersey and believed that Chicago would become a second Mecca. The Moorish Science temple was founded on a teaching of the Moors as a blueprint of Freemasonry. Strategically structured infinite wisdom and messages in his literature as well as on the cover of the Moorish Holy Koran as a symbol of a broken circle with a number seven in the center.

1928 – Attended the Pan American Conference in Havana, Cuba.

1929 – He died a mysterious death.