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Alger, Russell

Born: 1836 AD
Died: 1907 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Politician, Senator

1836 – Russell Alger was born in Lafayette Township in Medina County, Ohio on the 27th of February.

1848 – He was orphaned and work on a farm to support himself and his two siblings.

1859 – He studied law in Akron, Ohio and was admitted to the bar on March.

1860 – He practiced law in Cleveland and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he engaged in the lumber business.

1861 – He enlisted as a private soldier in the American Civil War and was commissioned and served as a captain and major in the 2nd Michigan Infantry Regiment.

1862 – He was sent by Colonel Philip Sheridan to attack the enemy’s rear on the 11th of July.

         – He was made Lieutenant Colonel of the 6th Michigan Cavalry on the 16th of October.

1863 – He was promoted to colonel of the 5th Michigan Cavalry on the 28th of February.

1864 – He capture a large force of Confederates with a brilliant cavalry charge on the 11th of June.

1865 – He was brevetted brigadier general and major general of volunteers on the 11th of June.

1884 – He was elected as governor of Michigan.

1885-1887 – He served as governor of Michigan from January 1, 1885 to January 1, 1887.

1886 – He declined renomination.

1888 – He was a presidential elector on the Republican ticket and elected as the first Commander of the Michigan Department of the Grand Army of the Republic.

1889 – He was elected as the 18th Commander-in-Chief of the GAR.

1897 – He was appointed Secretary of War in the Cabinet of U.S. President William McKinley on the 5th of March.

1899 – He resigned at President McKinley’s request.

1901 – He published The Spanish-American War.

1902 – He was appointed by Michigan Governor Aaron T. Bliss to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy on the 27th of September.

1903 – He was elected by the Michigan State Legislature to the Senate on January.

1907 – Died in Washington, D.C. on the 24th of January.