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Alexius I Comnenus

Born: 1048 AD
Died: 1118 AD
Nationality: Roman
Categories: Emperor

Roman ruler.

Eastern Roman Emperor 1081 AD – 15 August 1118 AD.


1048 AD – Alexius I was born during the Eastern Roman Empire.

1074 AD – Subdued the rebel mercenaries in Asia Minor.

1078 AD – Appointed commander of the field army in the West by Nicephorus III.

1081 AD – Proclaimed Emperor on April 1, 1081 and was crowned on the 4th of April. Leads an army of 50,000 men and lifts the siege of Corfu led Robert Guiscard.

1083-1084 AD – Bribed the German King Henry IV to attack the Normans in Italy and the Normans concentrated on their defenses.

1090 AD – Took reconciliatory measures towards the Papacy which will enable him to get western support.

1092 AD – Crowned his son John II Comnenus co-emperor at the age of five.

1118 AD – Died on the 15th of August. He was able to make the Eastern Roman Empire stable and overcome a dangerous crisis, inaugurating a century of imperial prosperity and success.