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Alexei Petrovich

Born: 1690 AD
Died: 1718 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Tsar/Tzar/Czar

1690 – Alexei was born in Moscow, Russia on the 28th of February.

1696-1699 – Educated by Vyazemsky, a private tutor.

1703 – He was ordered to follow the army to the field as a private in a bombardier regiment.

1704 – He was in the army that captured Narva.

1708 – Alexei was sent by his father to Smolensk to collect provender and recruits, and marched it to Moscow to fight against Charless II of Sweden.

1709 – Went to Dresden to study.

1711 – Married Princess Charlotte of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel on the 14th of October.

1712 – Left the regiment and accompanied his father in Finland for an inspection. Peter I hopes thathis son Alexei will have interest in the throne.

1715 – His wife died and his father wrote a letter to take interest in the affairs of the state. Peter threatened to cut him off if he did not abide in his father’s plans.

1716 – Alexei asked the permission of his father to become a monk. He fled to Vienna after his father insisted that he join the army for him to retain the tsaverich. He sought refuged under his brother-in-law Emperor Charles VI.

1718 – He returned to Moscow to confront his father but he was charged of treason. On the 26th of June, he died in the Petropavlovskaya fortress in Saint Petersburg, two days after the senate had condemned him to death for conspiring rebellion against his father.