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Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George

Born: 1891 AD
Died: 1969 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Governor General

1891 – Alexander was born in London, United Kingdom on December 10, 1891.

1910 – Attended Harrow School and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

1911 – Joined the Irish Guards.

1914 – He was part of the original British Expeditionary Force with a rank of lieutenant and platoon commander.

1915 – Received the Military Cross Award for his valor in combat.

1916 – Received the Distinguished Service Order and the Legion of Honour Award.

1918 – Promoted to Brigadier.

1919-1920 – Commanded the Baltic German Army in the Latvian War of Liberation.

1931 – Married Lady Margaret Bingham on October 14, 1931.

1937 – Promoted to Major-General and joined the British Expeditionary Force.

1939 – Became commander of the 1st Infantry Division in France.

1942 – Became Commander-in-Chief Middle East to North Africa.

1943 – Became Deputy to Dwight Eisenhower and Supreme Allied Commander of Allied Armies in Italy.

1944 – Achieved one of the strategic goals of the Italian campaign by capturing Rome.

1945 – Received the German surrender in Italy on April 29, 1945.

1946-1952 – Became Viscount Alexander of Tunis of Errigal in the County of Donegal and was made a Knight of the Garter. He was elected Governor General of Canada.

1952-1954 – Appointed Minister of Defence.

1969 – Died on June 16, 1969 due to perforated aorta.