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Albori, Eugen Freiherr von

Born: 1838 AD
Died: 1915 AD
Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Administrators

1838 – Albori was born in Cattaro, Dalmatia on the 27th of December.

1859 – Commissioned as a Lieutenant on the 28th of May. On 3rd of July, he received the award of the Military Merit Cross.

1864 – Promoted to Hauptmann 2nd Class on the 23rd of August.

1866 – Promoted to Hauptmann 1st Class on May 4, 1864. He was employed at Knin, Dalmatia as a general staff officer and he was commended by General Feldmarschall-Lieutenant Philippovic.

1868 – Became a instructor in tactics at the Theresian Military Academy.

1872 – Promoted to Major of the 4th Infantry Division.

1873 – Became the commander of the 32nd Feldjager Battalion.

1876 – Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and was appointed as the chief of the general staff at Trieste. Became the leader of the Austro-Hungarian delegation in the month of Septemter. Following the month of November he went to the international border commission concerning the borders between Montenegro and Ottoman Empire. As a diplomat he received the Serbian Takowo Order 2nd class and the Commanders Cross of the Order of Danilo from Montenegro.

1878 – Became Chief of General Staff of the 7th Infantry Battalion and took in the Battle of Rogelje on the 5th of August. For his participations in the battle, he received the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Leopold.

1881 – Received the Officer’s Bagde of the French Legion of Honour and was appointed chief of Bureau for operational and special general staff work.

1883 – Received the Commanders Cross 2nd class of the Saxon Order of Albrecht on the 6th of January.

1903-1907 – Became Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1915 – Died on the 5th of September.