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Agron, Salvador

Born: 1943 AD
Died: 1986 AD
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Categories: Felon

1943 – Born on the 24th of April in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

1958 – He became a member of the notorious teenage gang.

       – He became the gang’s president and later created another gang called the "Vampires".

1959 – His gang the Vampires, were on their way to a rumble with an Irish gang called "The Norsemen".
       – He stabbed two teenagers to death before fleeing.

1962 – He was sentenced to death, which made him the youngest prisoner on death row.

       – He became a born-again Christian, he learned to read and write, earning his high school equivalency diploma, while on death row.

       – He wrote poems about his life and about life on the streets.

1979 – He was released from prison.

       – He was hired as a youth counselor and spoke out against gang violence.

1986 – He was admitted to a hospital with pneumonia and internal bleeding on the 16th of April.

       – He died on the 22nd of April at the age 43.