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Agricola, Michael

Born: 1510 AD
Died: 1557 AD
Nationality: Finnish
Categories: Clergymen

1510 – Born in Pernaja, Finland and was named after the patron saint of Pernaja’s church.

1528 – Became a scribe for Bishop Martinus Skytte.

1531 – Ordained for priesthood after following the footstep of his teacher.

1536 – Agricola was sent to study in Wittenberg by the Bishop of Turku.

1537 – Started translating the New Testament into his own language, Finnish.

1539 – Became the rector of Turku School after his return to Turku.

1546 – During the Great Fire of Turku which devastated many homes including Agricola’s home

1557- Joined the delegation en-route to Russia and died on April 9, 1557 in the Kyronniemi village.