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Agnesi, Maria Gaetana

Born: 1718 AD
Died: 1799 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Linguist, Mathematicians, Philosophers

1718 – Agnesi was born in Milan, Italy on May 16, 1718.

1727 – Maria composed and delivered an hour-long speech in Latin in an academic gathering.

1731 – Acquired Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Latin and few more languages and referred to as the "Walking Polyglot".

1738 – Published a collection of complex essays on natural science and philosophy entitled Propositiones Philosophicae.

1748 – A work of great merit entitled Instituzioni analitiche ad uso della gioventu italiana was published in Milan and was regarded as the best introduction extant to the works of Euler.

1752 – Agnesi dedicated her life to study many religious books and helping ill, poor women and never wanting to talk of mathematics again.

1799 – Died in a poor house and buried in a mass grave on January 9, 1799.