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Adonis, Joe

Born: 1902 AD
Died: 1972 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Felon

1902 – Born Giuseppe Antonio Doto in Montemarano, Italy on February 22, 1902.

1915 – Migrated to America illegally by boarding an ocean liner and supported himself by stealing and pickpocket. He met Lucky Luciano, a man like Doto, they were united on one goal, to make it bigtime.

1920 – Doto adopted the name Joe Adonis. He worked for Frankie Yale, a mobster who controlled Brooklyn.

1930 – Joined Masseria’s troops but still loyal to Luciano.

1931 – He was one of the gunmen who shot Masseria which was plotted by Luciano that took place on April 15, 1931. Adonis was given a seat on the National Crime Syndicate as one of the board of directors. Controlled Broadway and midtown Manhattan. He made his own restaurant as his headquarters. Adonis made large profits from alcohol to ladies, car dealership with a touch of criminal act.

1932 – Controlled Brooklyn and became untouchable.

1946 – In December, Adonis was a delegate to the Havana Conference. Became one of the most powerful gangster in the land.

1953 – Deported to Italy together with his wealth.

1972 – Died of heart attack on November 26, 1972 while being interrogated by the Italian Police.