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Adanson, Michel

Born: 1727 AD
Died: 1806 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Naturalists

1727 – Born on the 7th of April in Aix-en-Provence.

1730 – His family moved to Paris.

1748 – He left France on an exploring expedition to Senegal and remained there for five years,

        – He also collected specimens of every object of commerce, delineated maps of the country.

1757 – He made use of a small portion of the materials he had collected in his Histoire naturelle du Senegal.

1759 – He had been elected a member of the Academy of Sciences.

1763 – He published his Familles naturelles des plantes.

1774 – He submitted to the consideration of the French Academy of Science an immense work, extending to

            all known beings and substances.

1806 – He died on the 3rd of August in Paris.