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Adam, Adolphe Charles

Born: 1803 AD
Died: 1856 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Composers

 1803 – He was born on the 24th of July in Paris.

1821 – He entered the Paris Conservatoire.
       – He studied organ and harmonium under the celebrated opera composer
           Francois-Adrien Boieldieu.

       – He played the triangle in the orchestra of the Conservatoire.

1823 – He was writing songs for Paris vaudeville houses and playing in the orchestra
            at the Gymnasie Dramatique, where he became chorus master.

        – He made a living largely by playing the organ.

1825 – He helped Boïeldieu prepare parts for "La dame blanche" and made a piano
            reduction of the score.

1830 – He had completed 28 works for the theatre.

1836 – He wrote several other ballets and 39 operas, including "Le postillon de Lonjumeau".

1841 – He is probably best remembered for the ballet Giselle.

1847 – He invested his money and borrowed heavily to open a third opera house in Paris.

1948 – He closed because of the Revolution leaving him with massive debts.

1849 –  He taught composition at the Paris Conservatoire up to his death in Paris.

1856 – He died on the 3rd of May and buried there in the Montmartre Cemetery.