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Achard, Franz Karl

Born: 1753 AD
Died: 1821 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Biologists, Chemists, Physicists

1753 – Born on the 28th of April in Berlin, Germany.

1776 – He was elected to the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin.

1782 – He became the director of the physical classes of the academy.

1789 – He planted various sugar-bearing plants on his manor in Caulsdorf near Berlin.

1794 – He built an optical telegraph between Spandau and Bellevue.

1801 – He opened the first sugar beet refinery in Wohlau-Cunern, Silesia, Prussia, with
           the support of King Friedrich Wilhelm III.

1802 – His refinery processed 400 tons of beets with a degree of efficiency of 4%.

1815 – His refineries were declared bankrupt due to the economical incapacity of Achard.

1821 – He died on the 20th of April in Wohlau.