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Born: 1273 AD
Died: 1331 AD
Nationality: Persian
Categories: Geographer, Historian

1273 – Abulfeda was born at Damascus, where his father Malik ul-Afdal, brother of the prince of Hamah, had fled from the Mongols. He was a descendant of Ayyub, the father of Saladin.

1285 – In his boyhood he devoted himself to the study of the Qur’an and the sciences, but from his twelfth year was almost constantly engaged in military expeditions, chiefly against the crusaders. He was present at the assault of a stronghold of the Knights of St. John, and took part in the sieges of Tripoli, Acre and Qal’at ar-Rum.

1298 – He entered the service of the Mamluk Sultan Malik al-Nasir.

1312 – Became prince with the title Malik us-Salhn.

1320 – Received the hereditary rank of sultan with the title Malik ul-Mu’ayyad.

1331 – Died on October 27, 1331. He was a munificent patron of men of letters, who came in large numbers to his court.